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California Chapter 13 bankruptcy can repay many debts owed

Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers those who need financial relief in California a chance to repay their debts free from the harassment of creditors. In fact, many Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings end with creditors being repaid the entire amount that they are owed. This happens when a structured plan is put in place for repayment with payments that are manageable for the individual seeking bankruptcy protections.

The filing of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, like all such filings, is a public record. The information contained in the filing can be obtained by those who wish to publish the facts of the bankruptcy. Though this is often not important to a filer of bankruptcy, it can be an issue if the person seeking financial relief also intends to run for public office.

In one state, those who are seeking the office of sheriff have found that their filings for bankruptcy have been made public. Nearly all of the sheriff candidates across the state have made such a filing. The reason for their debts were varied and included issues such as divorce and medical bills; reasons that may be familiar to readers in California.

What is similar in each of the bankruptcy cases filed by the sheriff candidates is that they all found that they could not repay the debt that they owed without help. In many cases, those who filed for a Chapter 13 may have sought only relief from collection efforts of creditors. Regardless of the reason that they sought a bankruptcy, each of the candidates may have found that they were able to not only repay many of their debts, but were also able to begin fresh financial starts that eventually allowed them to seek public office this election year.

Source:, "Several central Oklahoma sheriff candidates have filed for bankruptcy, records show," Andrew Knittle, Oct. 22, 2012

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