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December 2012 Archives

California personal bankruptcy offers debtor protections

The recent recession hit many in California hard, as readers may know well. Job losses, mounting debt and falling home process are just a few of the financial stressors that have struck many in our state. These have led some to decide to file for a personal bankruptcy in an effort to right their financial ship.

What are the basics of Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing in California is subject to specific rules regarding the disclosures made and the amount that must be repaid to creditors. Because a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is intended for those who are making a steady income to repay some of what they owe, debtors are ordered to make payments to the trustee of their case each month as the bankruptcy continues. These payments are calculated using the income and debt amounts disclosed when the petition is filed.

Bankruptcy exemption rules important to many in California

There are many issues to consider when a person in California decides whether or not to file for bankruptcy. Among these are the bankruptcy exemption rules that allow such an individual to protect many of the assets that they own when they file the case. These exemptions can, in many cases, protect a family home or other property, though each situation may be different.

California Chapter 7 bankruptcy mandates disclosure of creditors

Many readers in California have likely stayed at Radisson hotels as they travelled across the country and throughout the world. Now, media reports indicate that one of the members of the ownership group that owns the hotels has filed for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The filing comes after other members of the ownership group filed similar cases in the recent past.


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