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February 2013 Archives

California personal bankruptcy can offer financial relief

Many people in California know that it can be difficult to file for bankruptcy in our state. This is not because a personal bankruptcy is unavailable to consumers, but because of the emotional challenges sometimes involved in the process. However, some may find it helpful to learn that the filing for personal bankruptcy in our nation may be helping the economy recover.

Personal bankruptcy could affect California basketball team sale

California readers may be aware that the Sacramento Kings professional basketball team is involved in a complicated sale dispute. In the battle, a man is proposing to buy a share of the team and move the franchise to another West Coast city for the upcoming season. However, due to the filing of a personal bankruptcy by a minority share owner, the sale may be stalled for some time.

Prominent businessman seeks the protection of Chapter 7

Many readers in California have encountered all of the stress that accompanies financial challenges. Between a lack of security in investments, the decline of a family-owned business or an unexpected job loss, many families in our state have been put into a position to confront debt issues. When that happens, a personal bankruptcy may provide an opportunity to recover and begin again and gain a sense of stability.

Casey Anthony files for personal bankruptcy protection

Casey Anthony is a name that may have become familiar to many readers in California over the past few years. The young woman gained infamy as she faced criminal charges for the disappearance and murder of her 2-year-old daughter. After a lengthy legal battle, Anthony was only convicted of charges relating to lying to police. Now she is in the news again as she has recently filed for a personal bankruptcy.

California personal bankruptcy filing can offer financial relief

Filing for bankruptcy protections is a difficult decision for many people in California. This can be especially true for those who lost their homes during the recent real estate crisis. However, some may find that a personal bankruptcy offers relief and a chance to rebuild financially.


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