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California bankruptcy can help with unmanageable debt

There are many reasons that people in California accumulate debts. These include the need to make ends meet when a person loses a job or finds that they have been the victim of the recent recession with falling home values. When the stress of unmanageable debt becomes too much, some seek financial relief through actions such as a personal bankruptcy.

One of the ways that some in California suffer under unmanageable debt is through credit cards. In fact, the amount of debt that people across the nation owe in credit cards and other revolving credit accounts has steadily increased over the past few decades. The total amount owed reached a trillion dollars in 2008, but has recently fallen to $848 billion.

Credit card debt is an unsecured debt. This means that it is dischargeable in bankruptcy. This is why some creditors use aggressive measures to attempt to collect these types of debts when a person in our state is unable to repay what they owe. The efforts include phone calls and emails and can be stressful for the person receiving them.

The good news is that when a personal bankruptcy is filed due to unmanageable debt or another reason, creditor collection attempts are stopped cold. This offers relief to those who have suffered stress from calls and other communications. In addition, when the process is complete, many of the debts that are unsecured can be eliminated, offering a person a chance to restart their financial lives, free from the overwhelming amount of debt that held them hostage in the past.

Source:, "To Politics and Religion, Add a Taboo on Credit Card Debt," Allison Linn, April 25, 2013

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