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July 2013 Archives

Personal bankruptcy requires disclosures in California

California readers may be interested to learn about a man who recently reported that he lost a great deal of money during the world-wide banking crisis. The man, like many here in California, says that he had to seek the protections offered by a personal bankruptcy due to these losses. The losses spanned across two nations and included real estate and other investments.

Personal bankruptcy in California can be a financial relief

California is one of the states that suffered the most during the most recent economic recession. In fact, many people in our state lost financially when incomes fell and housing values dropped. This was especially true for those in the construction and real estate industries and led some to seek a personal bankruptcy for relief.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy in California leads to debt discharge

Readers in California may be interested to learn about the recent bankruptcy filing of a man from another state. The man is seeking a Chapter 7 bankruptcy after he became the subject of several lawsuit judgments. Prior to that, the man owned several small businesses.

California Chapter 7 bankruptcy requires meeting deadlines

When he sold his company, CNET, in 2008, Halsey Minor became a household name for many people in California. That is because the money that he netted was as much as $200 million. Now he is again in the headlines with financial difficulties. He recently filed for the protections offered by a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.


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