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December 2013 Archives

Personal bankruptcy cases in California offer debt relief

Two brothers from another state who had a judgment against them made a financial decision recently. They decided to file for personal bankruptcy when they learned that the city that held the judgment was seeking to enforce it by selling the home of one of the men. The filing is an action that can help slow this process and is common for people in similar situations in California.

California personal bankruptcy can be affected by former cases

When a person in California decides to file a bankruptcy petition, they often wonder which of their debts can be discharged. In most cases, it is the vast majority of their unsecured debts that are subject to the discharge in a personal bankruptcy such as a Chapter 7. However, there are some exceptions to that general rule.

Personal bankruptcy in California helps after holiday spending

It can be easy for people in California to take on high amounts of credit card debts. This is especially true during the holiday season when stores are filled with sales and offers of discounts. Some people find these temptations hard to resist. When they are unable to repay what they owe after the holidays end, some find it a good choice to seek a personal bankruptcy.

Debt reorganization in California can include bankruptcy

The rate at which people are obtaining credit cards is increasing, a recent report notes. This means that individuals in California and elsewhere may be beginning to take on more revolving debts, especially as the holiday season approaches. This could lead some to consider a debt reorganization that includes a personal bankruptcy.


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