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February 2014 Archives

Unmanageable debt often follows a serious medical condition

When a California resident experiences a serious illness or injury, the cost of medical treatment can often be financially devastating. This is certainly true for those millions of Americans who are uninsured, but even those who have health insurance are not immune to the challenges of high medical costs. Many people are surprised to learn just how high the cost of treatment can be, and find themselves faced with unmanageable debt in the wake of a serious medical event.

California drought could deepen farmers' financial woes

Breaking ground and raising crops on the family farm is a source of pride for many people in California. The mild climate in the state has long been viewed as the perfect setting to grow produce that is distributed across the fruited plain. One thing, however, that farmers depend on is water. So far this year, water has been in very short supply.

Mortgage debt reorganization offer a scam

California homeowners who are going through a period of financial difficulty are often extremely fearful of losing their home to foreclosure. Many will try a number of solutions to ease their debt scenario, up to and including filing for personal bankruptcy. Before they reach that point, however, some consumers will seek a method of debt reorganization. One such program has been recently unveiled as a fraud, and can serve as an important warning to anyone trying to avoid foreclosure.

Considering personal bankruptcy? Help is available

When considering large amounts of debt and how to best deal with mounting bills, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and out of control. Occasionally, a short-term solution can be the best way to proceed when dealing with money woes. Other times, personal bankruptcy is the best answer. It doesn't matter if a person is from California or another state, sometimes they just need help -- provided it's from the right source.

Even the rich and famous occasionally file for bankruptcy

Many California readers may assume that those who are rich and famous will never have to file for bankruptcy. However, even those with large incomes can still find themselves in financial difficulty. Often, when a person chooses to file for bankruptcy, it is a viable option for a fresh start when facing overwhelming debt.


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