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August 2014 Archives

Personal bankruptcy may help those with college debt

When people think about those with student loan debt, they naturally may imagine a young adult who just graduated from college. However, more than 16 percent of today’s outstanding college debt is associated with people over 50, research shows. College debt can be particularly detrimental to people in this age range, as they are nearing their retirement years. People who are confronted with large amounts of college debt may benefit from filing for personal bankruptcy in California.

Can crowd funding help patients avoid personal bankruptcy?

The fact that medical bills can lead to serious debt issues has been discussed at great length, both here and in the media. In many cases, the costs associated with a serious illness or injury leads an individual to file for personal bankruptcy. For those in California who are facing a looming medical debt crisis, help may be found in the form of crowd funding.

Unmanageable debt can lead to collections calls

The sound of ringing phone is a significant source of stress for many California consumers. For those who have fallen behind on their bills, the person on the other end of the line is often calling to collect on those obligations. When an individual has no means to repay those bills, having to deal with collections calls and an onslaught of late notices can lead to high levels of anxiety. Few things bring more damage to one’s health and well-being than unmanageable debt.

Should a consumer file for bankruptcy to stop foreclosure?

Facing foreclosure can be a frightening prospect, because losing a family home would be devastating. When facing financial troubles in California, it may seem like there is no way out, leading people to consider potentially unwise options. Even though mortgage relief schemes could seem like an attractive choice, it may be wise to file for bankruptcy to find financial freedom.

Using balance transfers to tackle unmanageable debt

Many consumers are aware of offers to transfer the balances of high interest credit cards into a new account with a lower interest rate. Known as balance transfers, these offers can turn the tide for individuals in California who are faced with seemingly unmanageable debt. However, making balance transfers work in one’s favor requires a high level of determination and patience.


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