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February 2015 Archives

How to know when to file for bankruptcy

Financial problems are difficult to deal with, for both individuals and families living in California. It can be hard to know how to address these problems, and most people will try a number of things to regain control over their finances. For many, however, the swiftest and most straightforward path toward stability is to file for bankruptcy. Knowing when to take this step can be a challenge.

How to avoid unmanageable debt post-bankruptcy

Once a personal bankruptcy proceeding is complete, many in California experience a wave of relief. Many types of unsecured debt are eliminated through the discharge portion of bankruptcy, which gives individuals and families a degree of budgetary breathing room that was greatly needed. Once the dust has settled, however, it is important to implement solid financial strategies in order to avoid a new accumulation of unmanageable debt.

Rebuilding savings after personal bankruptcy

Once a bankruptcy proceeding is complete, many in California feel a huge wave of relief. Having the majority of unsecured debt eliminated through the discharge process can take a great deal of weight off of an individual's monthly budget, and most people emerge from personal bankruptcy ready to dive into a fresh financial start. Establishing a savings buffer is a top priority for many, but it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Understanding medical debt and personal bankruptcy

Many California residents are aware of the impact that a serious illness or injury can have on an individual or a family's financial standing, up to and including prompting many to file for bankruptcy. But few understand just how this information has been gathered, and where the statistics supporting this claim come from. The following information is offered in the hopes of shining a light on the impact that medical bills have on personal bankruptcy.


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