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September 2015 Archives

Avoiding scams while addressing unmanageable debt

A great many California residents are burdened with heavy debt loads and many are ready to look for relief. Deciding how to approach unmanageable debt can be tricky, and consumers will often try several different options before finding a solution that works for their particular set of needs. For some, debt settlement is an option that holds appeal. When considering this approach, however, consumers should be aware that the debt settlement field is rife with scams.

How Millennials feel about unmanageable debt

Many young people in the state of California are struggling under a heavy load of debt. In a recent survey, 200 people with a median age of 32 were asked questions about their personal debt. The results revealed that many are willing to go to great lengths to rid themselves of unmanageable debt, specifically student loan debt.  

Proposed legislation to expand bankruptcy exemption law

When a California homeowner encounters serious financial difficulties, filing for personal bankruptcy can be a very appealing option. Bankruptcy laws are written to protect consumers, but there are instances in which those protections seem to fall short of that goal. An example may be found in the use of the bankruptcy exemption, which may not adequately shield homeowners from losing the value of their home.

Loan repayment change could help with unmanageable debt

Few people would challenge the concept that higher education is a worthy goal for American students. However, it is a fact that many of those students will emerge from college with a heavy student debt load and very little ability to repay those borrowed funds. In many cases, people in California and elsewhere struggle for years under unmanageable debt, with little hope for relief. A new change to student loan debt repayment programs may help some individuals regain stability.


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