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October 2015 Archives

New cases could impact student loan debt in personal bankruptcy

As it currently stands, consumers in California and across the nation face very difficult battles when trying to have their student loan debt discharged during bankruptcy. That could change, however, as two important cases make their way through the court system. At least one will be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court, which has not changed the approach toward student loans and personal bankruptcy since 2005.

Medical debt and Chapter 7 bankruptcy: Tips for consumers

According to statistics, medical bills are a leading indicator of an individual's likelihood of filing for bankruptcy. Medical debt tends to come on unexpectedly, and then build rapidly. Residents caught in the wake of an unexpected illness or injury are often unable to gain control of the situation, and may need to eventually seek Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. The following tips are offered to assist California residents in taking steps to help avoid becoming mired in medical debt.

Another debt reorganization company revealed as a scam

In the conclusion of a recent federal judgment against a fraudulent debt relief company, an individual has been ordered to pay $7.9 million in restitution to consumers who were bilked out of their hard-earned money. The company, under the name DebtPro 123, promised clients debt reorganization and settlement services. In reality, however, clients received little or nothing in return for their monthly payments. In fact, many emerged from the process in even greater financial turmoil than when they began, which is not an uncommon outcome for consumers in California and across the nation who are seeking debt relief.  

Unmanageable debt, student loans and looming retirement

For as many stories of financial strife that exist, there is an equal or greater number of factors that have combined to create those scenarios. Student loan debt is a perfect example. While many people assume that everyone with student loan debt is in the early portion of his or her adult life, there are many older Americans who also struggle under the same burden. Unfortunately, unmanageable debt is a far more pressing concern for California residents who are nearing the end of their professional lives.


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