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January 2016 Archives

If banks refuse fair repayment, personal bankruptcy can result

California residents can fall into financial turmoil through a number of events, many of which are outside the scope of their control. No one turns to bankruptcy in order to walk away from financial obligations that they could otherwise repay. However, when good faith repayment efforts fail, personal bankruptcy is often the only solution that makes sense.

Is racism a factor in some personal bankruptcy cases?

Many California residents believe that racism is largely a thing of the past, something to be discussed in high school classrooms as a relic of times gone by. To be certain, race relations and equality matters have come a long way since the civil rights movement, and people of color have access to far more opportunities and are subject to fewer acts of discrimination than in previous generations. In reality, however, there are still remnants of racism at play within our society, and a recent article focuses on how institutional racism can have harmful effects on the financial standing of many African Americans. For some of those individuals, personal bankruptcy will be the end result.

How to address post-holiday unmanageable debt

The first few weeks of a new year is a time to focus on the future and to plan how to make improvements in the coming months. It is also a time when the holiday bills start rolling in. This is when many people realize that they spent far more than they had planned in the last couple of months of 2015. For those in California who are facing unmanageable debt, the following tips could be of assistance.

Many successful people choose Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Some California readers will recognize the name Patrice Washington. The 34-year-old woman is a personal finance expert, and she has written three books on how to deal with financial turmoil and find future success. What many people do not know is that Washington has had to dig herself out of financial difficulties twice in her life -- once with the help of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing.

Business interests can be drawn into personal bankruptcy

When an individual files for bankruptcy protection, it is very important to have an understanding of bankruptcy law. Failure to adhere to established rules and practices can quickly complicate a personal bankruptcy case. This is especially true for California residents who also have family businesses. An example from another state demonstrates the complexity of the issue.


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