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February 2016 Archives

The impact that unmanageable debt can have on children

Families who face high levels of debt are also at risk of suffering high levels of stress. Couples often fight over money matters, and unmanageable debt can place a significant amount of pressure on a partnership. What many in California may not know, however, is that debt can also have a negative impact on children.

Many senior citizens can benefit from personal bankruptcy

During the years that many California residents are building their careers and raising their children, retirement seems like a glimmering mirage on the horizon. Many people envision their golden years as a time to finally relax and enjoy the fruits of a lifetime of working and raising a family. They picture evenings spent on the front porch, afternoons spent with their grandchildren, and growing old in good health and good spirits. In reality, however, many older Americans will face crippling debt in their later years, and will consider filing for personal bankruptcy.

Student loan debt can lead to personal bankruptcy

A college education remains a top priority for many California residents, and a great many people are willing to go into deep levels of debt to attain their college degree. Once school has concluded and a graduate enters the workforce, his or her degree may not lead to the job opportunities that were expected. In some cases, the decade after college is one defined by unmanageable debt. Personal bankruptcy is one way to ease debt issues, but many college grads try other measures before giving bankruptcy serious consideration.

Negotiation can reduce medical bills, unmanageable debt

Being subjected to a serious illness or injury can be devastating for California residents. Not only do they and their families have to deal with the physical aspects of being sick or hurt, there are financial ramifications that will come on the heels of a serious medical event. In many cases, medical bills will create a situation of unmanageable debt, leading many people to seek bankruptcy protection. For those who would like to attempt to repay their medical debt, negotiation offers a chance to reduce the overall cost.


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