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Rapper ordered back to court to discuss his personal bankruptcy

Many California readers are aware that rapper 50 Cent has filed for bankruptcy. Many are also aware that even as the musician/actor has sought bankruptcy relief, he has also made quite a show of promoting his expensive lifestyle and personal wealth. Recently released Instagram photos have caught the attention of the judge that is handling his personal bankruptcy case, and 50 Cent has been ordered to come before the court and discuss his financial situation.

The photos show the 40-year-old entertainer posing with stacks of cash. In one photo, he is seen cuddled up next to bundles of cash in a bed. Another features a refrigerator filled with money. Yet another shows him spelling out the word "BROKE" in cash.

The photos were brought to the court's attention by a woman who won a court battle against the rapper last year. The center of that case was a sex tape. The woman was awarded $7 million but has been unable to collect any of that money due to the fact that 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy. She and two other groups to whom 50 Cent owes money have asked the court to order the rapper to hand over his finances to professional management until he is able to resolve his debts, which near $30 million.

An attorney for 50 Cent has released a statement that claims that any photos that exist are shared in an effort to maintain 50 Cent's brand and image. The attorney asserts that the entertainer has followed all of the rules within his personal bankruptcy case, and that all income has been properly reported. Those claims will likely be the focus of the upcoming hearing, at which the entertainer's presence is required. California readers may learn more about the true state of 50 Cent's finances at that time.

Source: Fox Business, "Judge Orders 50 Cent to Bankruptcy Court Over Instagram Photos", Katy Stech, Feb. 19, 2016

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