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April 2016 Archives

An overview of the different types of personal bankruptcy

Most California residents are aware that consumer bankruptcy is an option for addressing unmanageable debt. However, few are familiar with the differences between the most common types of personal bankruptcy. The following overview is provided in the hopes of answering some of the questions that consumers have about the different types of consumer bankruptcy.

Legal guidance may help with personal bankruptcy filing

California consumers who decide to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may benefit from obtaining professional guidance instead of rushing into it. Personal bankruptcy filings can become complicated, especially when the same person has also filed for a business bankruptcy. The failure to disclose any financial details can jeopardize the person's chances to be discharged from bankruptcy.

Celebrities are not the only ones who can benefit from Chapter 7

When an individual's debt exceeds his or her ability to repay those obligations, it is time to take action. While some people are able to dig themselves out of debt, many others turn to Chapter 7 bankruptcy to eliminate debt and gain a fresh financial start. An example is found in the recent filing by actress Tisha Campbell and her husband of 20 years, both California residents.

Former NFL player required personal bankruptcy protection

An unfortunate myth about bankruptcy is that those who file are somehow personally responsible for their financial troubles. Many people in California and elsewhere may believe that they themselves are immune to such a fate and that personal bankruptcy is only for the irresponsible and financially inept. In reality, however, people from all walks of life can make use of personal bankruptcy protection, as evidenced in the case of former NFL player Marques Ogden.


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