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May 2016 Archives

Does the American Way lead some to file for bankruptcy?

There can be no doubt that Americans take on high levels of debt. As a nation, we have come to believe that it is not only "normal" to borrow money, but that it is the only way to attain the things that we both want and need. Some feel that this comfort with debt has led to something of a debt crisis for many California families, and a resulting need to file for bankruptcy.

Filing for personal bankruptcy requires mandatory counseling

California consumers who are facing financial difficulties may be looking for ways in which to re-establish financial stability. Personal bankruptcy may be the best opportunity to get back on track -- even if it does not provide an overnight solution. However, filing for bankruptcy is a complicated process and may be best navigated with the support of a professional to provide guidance at every step of the way.

False beliefs surrounding Chapter 7 bankruptcy

People in California hold a number of misconceptions about personal bankruptcy. One of the most common is that individuals who file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy are demonstrably poor money managers, and they do not have what it takes to achieve any significant level of success. This is not only inaccurate, but such beliefs could keep people from seeking relief from crushing levels of debt.


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