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October 2016 Archives

Can personal bankruptcy delay foreclosure proceedings?

When a California homeowner receives notice of foreclosure, a hasty reaction may cause more harm than good. Although there are different options available, a lack of information may lead to uninformed choices being made. The help of experienced legal counsel is available to explain the potential remedies, including personal bankruptcy protection.

Mortgages and refinanced loans lead some to file for bankruptcy

All across the nation, including in California, people continue to struggle with housing costs. For some, the aftereffects of predatory lending practices have been a source of struggle for many years. Others have encountered unexpected financial difficulties that simply place too much strain on an already tight budget. In many cases, people who were once incredibly proud to purchase their own home are now ready to file for bankruptcy and walk away from the property entirely.

Phone apps designed to help address unmanageable debt

At no time in human history has more information been more readily available than it is right now, via the tiny computers that so many of us carry around in our pockets or bags. For those in California who are struggling to gain control over unmanageable debt, there are multiple phone apps that can make that process a bit easier. Debt reduction is a challenging task, and finding tools to assist consumers can make a world of difference.

Finding support in California when faced with unmanageable debt

Many people throughout the nation, including, no doubt, some in California currently face financial challenges that significantly impact many areas of their lives. In some situations, there have been unexpected losses of employment, while others have inherited debt by being named beneficiaries in estate plans. There are also many business owners who have been trying to get their heads above water during economic crises and are struggling to find solutions for unmanageable debt.


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