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Finding support in California when faced with unmanageable debt

Many people throughout the nation, including, no doubt, some in California currently face financial challenges that significantly impact many areas of their lives. In some situations, there have been unexpected losses of employment, while others have inherited debt by being named beneficiaries in estate plans. There are also many business owners who have been trying to get their heads above water during economic crises and are struggling to find solutions for unmanageable debt.

When it comes down to it, worrying about losing one's home, being unable to pay bills or even struggling to put food on the table can be a frightening experience. In terms of seeking debt relief, there are various laws and regulations that govern such matters of which the average person may be unaware. It is typically best to seek clarification regarding such issues before formulating any sort of debt relief plan.

In some situations, a reorganization formula may be the best option to help a business get back on track. Others may determine the need for filing personal bankruptcy claims. Finding a solution that best aligns with one's particular situation is often easier when acting alongside experienced legal guidance.

Thomas F. Miles, Attorney and Counselor at Law. is dedicated to assisting clients from throughout California who are seeking ways to alleviate unmanageable debt. If you would like to discuss possible solutions for problems of bankruptcy, possible foreclosure or matters of estate, you may request a meeting to begin the process. Based on more than three decades of experience, we are prepared to guide you through whatever plan may be necessary to help you overcome your current financial problems so that you can take the first steps toward a more fiscally stable future. 

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