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Phone apps designed to help address unmanageable debt

At no time in human history has more information been more readily available than it is right now, via the tiny computers that so many of us carry around in our pockets or bags. For those in California who are struggling to gain control over unmanageable debt, there are multiple phone apps that can make that process a bit easier. Debt reduction is a challenging task, and finding tools to assist consumers can make a world of difference.

One app is known as Mint, and is designed to provide a number of different financial management tools in one convenient package. Users can access information on all of their different credit cards and accounts, which can help ensure that bills are paid on time or early. Debt Free is another phone app, and allows users to put the snowball debt repayment plan into action. Consumers who use this tool can keep track of their progress, and even track how much longer it will take before they are debt-free.

A third option is an app known as Pay Off Debt. This tool works by allowing users to upload all of their current debts, and prioritize which accounts should be paid down first. They can track their progress toward their goals, and can even set payment reminders.

These are just some of the currently available tools that can help California consumers gain control over unmanageable debt. With enough time, many people can successfully pay down their financial obligations. In some cases, however, the mountain of debt is simply too large to destroy using traditional repayment methods. Borrowers who make every effort to tackle debt but are unable to make significant progress may want to consider looking into personal bankruptcy as an alternative.

Source:, "Use these 3 SmartApps to Reduce Debt", Oct. 9, 2016

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