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Financial challenges? Reach out for help

The American Dream can mean different things to different people. For some, starting a healthy and happy family is enough. For others, making money and having a successful career is all they want. No matter what your dreams and goals are, the unfortunate reality is that sometimes life happens. If you find yourself facing financial hardships, you are not alone. Millions of Americans throughout the country are in the same boat as you. But a sinking boat can still be saved.

When facing financial difficulties, you may want to consider Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Although the word "bankruptcy" carries with it negative connotations, the fact is that bankruptcy is designed to help you get out of debt, and to get rid of the dark cloud over your head so you can see brighter days in the future. There are different criteria for declaring bankruptcy, so it would be in your best interest to learn about each to see if you qualify and if declaring is right for you.

Facing foreclosure may make life unbearable and your future uncertain. There are things that can be done to help with possible tax liens, repossession or whatever financial hurdles you face. It may be difficult to tackle these issues alone, but there are people who can provide foreclosure assistance to those in need.

Our team at Thomas F. Miles, Attorney and Counselor at Law has over 37 years of experience serving clients throughout El Cajon and the greater San Diego area. Initial consultations are always free, so there is no risk in reaching out to learn how we can help you. We are available during regular business hours throughout the week, as well as evenings and weekends by appointment.

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