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July 2017 Archives

What's the difference between a deed of trust and a mortgage?

Like other states in the West, California relies heavily on what are called deeds of trust when it comes to making sure a bank or other institution has collateral necessary to make a home loan. Although mortgages are also permitted in California, banks tend to prefer the deed of trust option.

How does Chapter 7 differ from Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

As a previous post highlighted, filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help a debtor obtain a fresh financial start. California residents struggling with financial problems probably understand that there are mechanisms that could help with their debt situation. However, not everyone explores how the bankruptcy process could assist him or her. The term bankruptcy is a tough one to include in one's vocabulary, but even if Chapter 7 is not right for one person, there are other bankruptcy and debt relief options. One of these options is to file for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

How often should you update your will?

Once you create a will or any other end-of-life document, you may think you are set until your passing. However, your circumstances and wishes often change over the years, and your will needs to reflect your current situation.

Understanding life after a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing

There are many challenging decisions in life such as whether to go to college, move for a job, have children, or retire. These decisions can be life-altering and forever change your financial future. When debt takes over, life can become overwhelming and even worrisome. You may not know what to do or if things can ever return to normal. Even if it seems like a drastic and desperate move, filing for bankruptcy is not only a reliable option, it is also often the best step to take in order to obtain a fresh financial start.

CA firm providing competent Chapter 7 bankruptcy representation

Dealing with debt can be a difficult and emotional for many individuals in California. Although many debt issues can be overcome, some individuals are so overwhelmed that they find that they cannot to do so on their own. Thus, seeking guidance about debt relief options is often a necessary step. While filing for bankruptcy can seem like a negative or daunting task, it is frequently used to give individuals and families a fresh financial start.


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