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What age should people write their wills?

Despite its importance, many American adults do not have a will. In fact, a survey conducted in 2015 by USA Today showed that 64 percent of American adults lack a last will and testament. 

In the unfortunate event of a person's death, a will helps the state determine how to divide the person's assets. Without it, certain assets may go to people or organizations against the deceased's wishes. While many people put off writing a will until after retirement, it is never too early to create a will. 

People as young as 18 can make a will

Under California law, anyone who is at least 18 years old and is of sound mind can create a will. Eighteen is the minimum age for writing a will in most states. While most young people assume they are invincible, that is tragically not the case. Even though a young person may not have any children or a spouse, there are still a variety of reasons why it is still good to have a will on-hand. 

Most young people's assets would go to their parents upon death. However, perhaps a person in his or her 20s has a certain charity he or she would like money to go to after death. A will would specify that. 

There are plenty of other aspects that can go into a young person's will, such as determining who gets ownership of a pet and who should take care of the person's social media accounts. A will helps a young person's family get through a lot of red tape that often comes after an untimely death. 

People can make a living will

It is possible for people to end up in a coma or persistent vegetative state. In these cases, it helps greatly if the person has designated someone to have power of attorney. These are not things young people want to think about, but it is important for everyone to plan ahead. In an ideal world, everyone as young as 18 would create a will to be ready for the worst. 

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