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September 2017 Archives

Helping you through the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process

Dealing with financial problems is never easy. And for California residents currently living with debt that continues to accumulate, it can feel like a never-ending problem with no resolution or end in sight. However, when it comes to debt problems, there are steps individuals and families could take to overcome this major life obstacle. Although many are not ready and willing to jump on the bankruptcy bandwagon, it is certainly a realistic approach that could help you obtain a fresh financial start.

How can Chapter 13 bankruptcy help address debt problems?

Many individuals in California and other states across the nation carry some form of debt with them. While debt because of a home, vehicle or other major purchases is very common, when individuals accumulate consumer debt, this debt has the tendency of getting out of control. Whether you rack up a balance on a credit card for consumer goods or because of medical bills, it is important to understand that there are ways to address these financial troubles.

Making an effective estate plan

Even though something is important, it doesn't mean that some won't avoid it. This is the case with estate planning. It is clear that it is an essential step to take; however, many try to delay the process as long as possible. An estate plan is used for more than just protecting one's assets. It is also a way to organize assets, understanding what you own and how your property will be treated in the event of you incapacitation or death.

The importance of naming a trustee for a living trust

Individuals make important decisions everyday. However, when these decisions impact an estate plan, it is imperative to ensure that the terms and details of these documents meet your needs and are in fact valid. One type of document many consider including in the estate planning process is a trust. A trust can come in a variety of forms and can take on various purposes.


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