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Helping you through the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process

Dealing with financial problems is never easy. And for California residents currently living with debt that continues to accumulate, it can feel like a never-ending problem with no resolution or end in sight. However, when it comes to debt problems, there are steps individuals and families could take to overcome this major life obstacle. Although many are not ready and willing to jump on the bankruptcy bandwagon, it is certainly a realistic approach that could help you obtain a fresh financial start.

Just because one is living in debt does not mean that it has to be the case for the rest of their life. Whether it is debt associated with medical bills, credit card bills, auto loans or a home mortgage, it is possible to devise a plan of attack to reduce the turmoil caused by growing debt problems. At Thomas F. Miles, Attorney and Counselor at law, our experienced legal team understands how beneficial the bankruptcy process can be, helping individuals in the San Diego area initiate and navigate the process.

Just like no two debt situations are the same, no two debt relief approaches are the same either. Because of that, our attorneys will take the time to understand the ins and outs of your situation, determining what steps are best for you and your financial future. With regards to a Chapter 13 filing, we will help you understand what restructuring your debt looks like as well as informing you of the benefits of this type of bankruptcy.

If your goal is to stop collections, halt the foreclosure process and avoid losing your car and home, then a three-to-five payment plan through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be right for you. By looking at your income, assets and obligations, we can determine if this bankruptcy process is appropriate for you and your future.

To learn more, check out our law firm's Chapter 13 webpage. Much like it is not easy to deal with debt, it is not easy to initiate the bankruptcy process. Thus, it is important for debtors to gain a realistic and full perspective of the situation and their debt relief options.

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