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Making an effective estate plan

Even though something is important, it doesn't mean that some won't avoid it. This is the case with estate planning. It is clear that it is an essential step to take; however, many try to delay the process as long as possible. An estate plan is used for more than just protecting one's assets. It is also a way to organize assets, understanding what you own and how your property will be treated in the event of you incapacitation or death.

Because it is never too early to think about your future wellbeing and the future of your children, it is important to think about your situation and how you could ensure the security of your family, heirs and beneficiaries. So now that you are on board with the estate planning process, it is vital to understand the documents that make up an estate plan and how they benefit you.

Why is it important to draft a will? A will is an essential document that has two very significant benefits. First, it memorializes your wishes at the time of your death. This means that you have control over who gets what assets and properties at the end of your life. The second benefit is that it reduces the legal hassles that could enter the estate management process. If a will is properly drafted and heirs and beneficiaries are listed, this would result in a very effective will that is simple to operate.

Without a will, the probate process is sure to ensue. And because most seek to avoid this lengthy and costly process, it is important to understand what estate planning tools you could utilize to better your situation. Whether that means drafting a will, trust or any other document, one should take the time to understand the process and how these documents could impact them now and in the future.

Source:, "Guide to Understanding the Rules of Effective Estate Planning," Sandra Maria, August 31, 2017

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