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November 2017 Archives

Can you discharge student loans in bankruptcy?

Certain debts are eligible for discharge in individual bankruptcy proceedings. Debts to mortgage lenders, credit card companies and others may be consolidated and repaid through various bankruptcy filings. However, some debts are not eligible for discharge or are very hard to discharge through traditional bankruptcy processes.

Why might Chapter 13 bankruptcy be better for me than Chapter 7?

Both Chapter 13 bankruptcy and Chapter 7 bankruptcy afford debtors the opportunity to free themselves from the heavy burdens of unmanageable financial obligations. San Diego residents who are considering whether bankruptcy may serve their financial needs are encouraged to get more information about their own unique situations.

Understanding the requirements of a valid will in California

A will is an important estate planning document. Through a properly executed will a person may leave items of property to their loved ones, establish guardians for their minor children and make bequests to the charities of their choice. A will outlines how a person would like their estate distributed upon their death, but unless it conforms to the laws of the state a person's will may be contested or even set aside.

2 things to keep in mind about medical debt and bankruptcy

You, like many people in the El Cajon area, are struggling with rising medical debts. It may seem as if there is nothing you can do to avoid those medical bills, and it is not like you are racking them up unnecessarily. You may have health issues that require you to get medical care and take prescriptions your health insurance does not cover. 

What is foreclosure?

In order to understand what options a San Diego resident may have to work through the foreclosure process, it is important that they first understand what a foreclosure actually is. This post will provide a very basic overview of what foreclosure means and the types of foreclosures Californians may face if their financial health threatens their ownership of their homes.

Don't wait for resolutions: Take control of your debts today

As the warm days of summer completely disappear into the long nights of fall, San Diego residents have begun preparing themselves for the onslaught of holidays that happen between Thanksgiving and next year's Valentine's Day. Often during the holidays individuals reflect on what they would like to change in the future and some record those aspirations as resolutions for the New Year. While New Year's resolutions can be a fun way to take stock of one's life and seek out means of improving it, there are certain actions that individuals should take to better their lives as soon as they can rather than waiting to write down their resolutions.


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