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Hounded by creditors? Get relief through the ‘automatic stay’

A lot of people put off bankruptcy, even when they really need it. By the time they talk to a bankruptcy lawyer, they’ve tried everything they can think of to get those creditors off their back. Borrowing from friends and family is common … or “borrowing from Peter to pay Paul,” as they say -- holding off one creditor while others get in line.

Supreme Court decision impacts Chapter 13 bankruptcy

A recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court could have a significant impact on the bankruptcy cases of many California residents. The unanimous ruling states that individuals who file for bankruptcy cannot make an immediate appeal of a court's rejection of a Chapter 13 debt repayment plan. For those in California who are planning to seek bankruptcy protection, the case should be taken into consideration when creating a repayment plan to present to the Bankruptcy Court.

Does Chapter 13 bankruptcy offer the best financial solution?

Making the decision to seek bankruptcy protection is a significant event. It marks a transition between struggling to overcome financial strife and deciding to take a definitive step toward resolving the matter. For many in California, choosing which form of bankruptcy to pursue can be a challenge. In this piece, information on Chapter 13 bankruptcy is offered in the hopes of making those decisions easier to make.

Personal bankruptcy may save you from losing your home

The amount a consumer initially considered affordable for a mortgage payment may become unaffordable after some years. Circumstances constantly change and job loss, unexpected medical expenses or death in a family may have an adverse impact on a homeowner's financial stability. It was reported that 15 percent of homeowners are defaulting on their mortgage payments. Personal bankruptcy may prove to be a suitable remedy for some.

Struggling homeowners consider Chapter 13, tax breaks

For those in California who are struggling to make ends meet, finding a way to keep their home is often a top priority. Some are considering accepting principal reductions offered by their mortgage lender, in an effort to make their house payments more affordable. However, it is important to understand the tax ramifications of accepting such a deal. For some, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy may offer a better path to debt relief, while also allowing individuals to keep their home.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help those with 5 years of payment left

Although in many aspects the economy appears to be improving, financial blows from the recent recession can still have a very real impact on those struggling with finances. California residents who lost jobs or even homes through no fault of their own may find that they are facing a mountain of debt that that may be slowly scaling, with no end in sight. In some instances, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy can prove to be a more appropriate option than a complete liquidation of their assets.

Even the rich and famous occasionally file for bankruptcy

Many California readers may assume that those who are rich and famous will never have to file for bankruptcy. However, even those with large incomes can still find themselves in financial difficulty. Often, when a person chooses to file for bankruptcy, it is a viable option for a fresh start when facing overwhelming debt.

Personal bankruptcy in California helps after holiday spending

It can be easy for people in California to take on high amounts of credit card debts. This is especially true during the holiday season when stores are filled with sales and offers of discounts. Some people find these temptations hard to resist. When they are unable to repay what they owe after the holidays end, some find it a good choice to seek a personal bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy in California requires disclosures

In California, there are many people who have suffered financial difficulty over the past few years. Among them are small business owners who found that it was difficult to make both their business and personal finances work. This was the case for one man who recently filed for a personal Chapter 13 bankruptcy in his home state.

California Chapter 13 bankruptcy can lead to confusion

In California, many people suffered economically in recent years. Some, despite the fact that they were able to maintain employment, found that they had difficulty making end's meet. Some of those individuals sought the protections of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.


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